Fog-X for Snorkeling and Scuba


How can you see all those pretty fishies through all that fog?! Now you can! Find the style that fits your snorkeling mask, follow the instructions, and have fun snorkeling and scuba fog free for months!


  1. Choose a style that best fits your mask.
  2. Clean your mask (or we recommend to use a new one).
  3. (Optional) Cut the film to size if needed.
  4. Peel off the blue AND clear protective layers. This will leave you a clear film with adhesive on one side and the anti-fog layer on the other.
  5. Stick inside the mask.
  6. Press out any bubbles.
  7. Before snorkeling, soak and rub the film to hydrate it.
  8. ENJOY!!

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Are the inserts blue or clear?

Clear. There are protective films on both sides of the inserts that need to be removed with the pull tabs. One of these films is blue, but should be off by the time you are ready to swim, leaving a clear insert.

Does the insert fit any snorkel mask?

Yup. Choose the size that matches your mask. Worst case scenario, you may need to cut the film to size. A rim of fog may develop around the insert, but this is usually unnoticeable.

How long does the anti-fog effect last?

Over a year! 

My mask is still fogging up bad on the first use or the insert won't stick on the mask...

Sometimes, an extra layer of protective films is left on the insert. This keeps the anti-fog or adhesive layer covered up so it won't work. You can try to pry off this extra layer or use a piece of tape to peel it off. If all else fails, just hit us up at for a new pack!

They worked for a few days but are now fogging up... 

The inserts can get dirty quickly. Just rub them real well with a towel or swim suit and they should clear up right away. Fog-X is very scratch resistant and you won't harm it rubbing it.

My mask still fogs with the Fog-X inserts. How do I fix that?

Fog-X inserts need to be hydrated to maintain a flat layer of water. Dip your mask in water and rub the inserts before snorkeling.

Can I peel it off and replace it?

Sure. You won't need to, but you could. The adhesive is silicone based and leaves no residue on your goggles. If you need to replace them, simply peel them off and stick new ones in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
George Laws Jr
I ordered wrong size

I ordered single small, when in fact, I should’ve ordered single large. I would’ve had to do some trimming but I figured it would work anyway undecided how to proceed I might go ahead and re-order but I’m not sure yet. I am very disappointed, but entirely my fault

Kevin Tadlock

Works great! Probably would work better it I could have installed them better!! Maybe I’m an idiot, but didn’t think the instructions were great! Had a hard time figuring what part touched the glass. Maybe you could put, “apply this side to glass!” I bought 3. Destroyed one, and the other two I installed just ok! But they work! Aloha! 🤙🤙

K. Smith
Works Great

Ordered large double for my scuba mask. Arrived on time. I have magnifier insert at the bottom of my mask so I fit, marked, cut and inserted the upper and lower parts with no problem. Works great in the pool. Ocean diving in a month.