About Fog-X

Fog-X is a simple solution to a problem we all face as swimmers and for those who wear eye glasses. Goggles specifically have been fogging ever since they were invented in 1911 when Thomas 'Bill” Burgess used motorcycle goggles to help cross the English Channel!

Thomas Burgess – Source: Zoggs.com

Fog-X was founded on 11/21/2019 by Karl Hamouche who first came up with the idea to use an anti-fog insert after seeing how new goggles came with a protective film attached to the outside. 

He also had a profound, deep seeded hatred for fog!

Karl is a former age group and Junior College swim coach and is also the founder of Swim Smart and a co-inventor of many of its products as well as author of The Biology of Swimming. After graduating from the University of Iowa medical school, Karl is pursuing radiology training in Wichita.