Fog-X for Swim Goggles

  • Anti-fog inserts that provide long lasting anti-fog
  • Fits in any goggle
  • Two pairs (four total) of inserts included
  • Time to see where you are going!

We were tired of swimming through a fog. That's why we created Fog-X, the only long lasting anti-fog insert that you apply once and forget. 

It's just that simple. Peel the protective tabs, insert, and swim on!

"I've recently installed an Endless Pool Elite for training and instruction, and there is a very important aspect to pools like this... whatever is in the pool, loops around and will eventually hit you in the face. This includes chemicals and/or spit that you use to prep your goggles.

I've been testing these inserts in various goggles, even my 30-year-old Swedes, and they work great. A quick dip in the water, a little shake to get any extra water out, and put on the goggles. So simple and incredibly effective. Nicely done."

- Glenn Mills, Olympian and founder of


Are the inserts blue or clear?

Clear. There are protective films on both sides of the inserts that need to be removed with the pull tabs. One of these films is blue, but should be off by the time you are ready to swim, leaving a clear insert.

Does the insert fit any goggle?

Yup. The Fog-X insert is small enough to fit in any goggle, but big enough to cover the majority of your vision. A rim of fog may develop around the insert, but this is usually unnoticeable.

How long does the anti-fog effect last?

Over a year! 

My goggles are still fogging up bad on the first use or the insert won't stick on the goggle...

Sometimes, an extra layer of protective films is left on the insert. This keeps the anti-fog or adhesive layer covered up so it won't work. You can try to pry off this extra layer or use a piece of tape to peel it off. If all else fails, just hit us up at for a new pack!

They worked for a few days but are now fogging up... 

The inserts can get dirty quickly. Just rub them real well with your suit and they should clear up right away. Fog-X is very scratch resistant and you won't harm it rubbing with a suit.

My goggles still fog with the Fog-X inserts. How do I fix that?

Fog-X inserts need to be hydrated to maintain a flat layer of water. Dip your thumbs in water and rub the inserts before practice starts.

Can I peel it off and replace it?

Sure. You won't need to, but you could. The adhesive is silicone based and leaves no residue on your goggles. If you need to replace them, simply peel them off and stick new ones in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Mohamed Elamin
Fog X works on my goggles

I bought a speedo goggles on August 2023 and after few weeks it started to fog I think because the anti fog coating was becoming less effective and I think because the eyelash touches the lens and oil caused the fog to be foggy. I decided to buy fog X after searching on the internet and I used it for a month and it is working great. I just have to rinse the fog lens with water before I swim for clear vision. I hope it will last long.

These are great

I’ve always had issues with my swim goggles fogging up in open water swim races. I just used Fog-x for a race and had zero issues. I’m a fan!

colleen K
Love fog x

Have always had problems with fogging. Tried many products and was skeptical about fog x but I can truthfully say it really works. I swim 55 minutes straight and used to have to stop multiple times to clear my goggles but since using fog x I never have to stop. I’ve used it in the pool and in the ocean and it works equally well. I also love the price.

First product that really works to keep goggles clear

Easy to apply, and always keep my field of vision clear for long distance open water swims where I really need to see where I'm headed!

Jaime I.
Completely fog-free swimming. Amazing!!!

Swim for as long as you want without fog :)
1. These inserts are fantastic and work perfectly
2. Their installation can be tricky, but once you know the tricks it's fine.
3. The company is very helpful and trustworthy.

1. I received the inserts a couple of weeks ago and used them in cool, heated, outdoor and indoor pools. The result is positively outstanding: Hour long swims without foggy goggles, every time!

I used the inserts in an older pair of googles as a test, and now they are my favorite (I passed on the 2nd pair of inserts to a friend, but I'm certainly getting new ones for my other googles :)

2. Now for the tricky part: Placing the inserts in the goggles is easy, but when pulling the blue tab to remove the outer blue film, it may leave it behind.

The adhesive on the blue tabs was not strong enough to pull it off in my case, and suspect that's is the problem with most of the negative reviews: The blue film is left in the goggles and visibility is very poor with it (since it's not supposed to stay). I reused the red-tab from used to remove the other outer film on one, and carefully used my nail to scrape it on the other (both worked :)

It is important to know that when they are properly applied, they are completely clear and nearly imperceptible (and it looks like some of the other negative reviews are due to people thinking the blue film should have stayed in place, while in fact the clear film is probably in place and they are all set).

One you go swimming, you just need to rinse them with a bit of water so the inside is moist, and enjoy clear visibility for as long as you want to stay in the pool :)

If something doesn't seem right, I would contact their customer support because...

3. They have fantastic customer service. They shipped my order with tracking right away, but then the US Postal Service misplaced the envelop in their distribution center and while I waited for a couple of weeks. The company sent me a replacement order as soon as I told them, obviously at their loss, and did so promptly, nicely, with no questions asked.

I usually don't take the time write reviews, but this inserts are having a positive and significant impact on my life (making my favorite part of my day that much more enjoyable, yeah!).

PS. For the 2/16/22 review by M: Probablemente has dejado el filtro azul en las gafas, y hay que quitarlo.