Fog-X for Glasses

  • Fits any eye wear
  • 1.5x1in (4x2.7cm) oval
  • Lasting anti-fog and scratch resistant
  • Easily peeled off without residue leftover  
  • Not for curved sunglasses or lab protective eyewear (but we are working on it!)

Born out of the COVID pandemic, these larger versions of Fog-X are meant to be used in regular glasses which fogged up when healthcare workers wore masks. 


Are the inserts blue or clear?

Clear. There are protective films on both sides of the inserts that need to be removed with the pull tabs. One of these films is blue, but should be off by the time you are ready, leaving a clear insert.

Does the insert fit any glasses?

Mostly yes. Some glasses are a little small and you may need to cut down the edges of the Fog-X insert using scissors. For most glasses, there is no issue.

Do the inserts work on very curved glasses, sunglasses or protective lab eyewear?

If the glasses are very curved, the inserts won't work because the adhesive is not strong enough to handle the curvature. You can however cut the inserts hamburger style and place the side by side as pictured below. We are working on making these a stand alone product too.


How long does the anti-fog effect last?

Over a year! 

My glasses are still fogging up bad on the first use or the insert won't stick on the glasses...

Sometimes, an extra layer of protective films is left on the insert. This keeps the anti-fog or adhesive layer covered up so it won't work. You can try to pry off this extra layer or use a piece of tape to peel it off. If all else fails, just hit us up at for a new pack!

They worked for a few days but are now fogging up... 

The inserts can get dirty quickly. Just rub them real well with a tissue or T-shirt and they should clear up right away. Fog-X is very scratch resistant and you won't harm it by rubbing.


Can I peel it off and replace it?

Sure. You won't need to, but you could. The adhesive is silicone based and leaves no residue on your goggles. If you need to replace them, simply peel them off and stick new ones in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great for lab goggles!

I ordered these because my lab goggles would always fog up when wearing my mask, which made it hard to see. These were easy to apply and get rid of the fog! Highly recommend!

Joseph Morgan
Great Support

I applied the Fog-X for glasses to my safety glasses that I use at work. One side went well but the other unknowingly stuck to the blue protective film and came off.
When I reapplied it, it had gotten debris on it. They work extremely well for fog. Support is sending me another set to replace the one with debris. I will order more!

Mary Lamb
Not what I hoped for

Had a tough time getting the film ontoy glasses. Air bubbles kept coming back.

Naila Naushad
A good idea but not worth the money

The first order that I received didn't work. Customer service is great and very courteous.They responded quick and sent me another set. I am giving 2 stars only for customer service. The product itself is not good at all. It doesn't stick at all. They sent me another set after the first one didn't work. The second time it was the same story. It didn't work at all. The whole process itself is frustrating. It's a great idea if they can figure out the actual product.
I wouldn't recommend it. I feel sorry I have wasted 17 dollars for nothing. It's not worth it.


I received the Fog-X lens and attempted to install them. Due to the curvature of my glasses, the Fog-x shields did not adhere smoothly. I contacted the seller and he advised me to cut the shields in half,"hamburger" style; which I did. This allowed the shield to set flatter, but not perfectly. They do work to stop fogging of glasses when wearing a mask. However, the shield material is not flexible enough to contour concave glasses and/or the adhesive is not strong enough. The seller did send me another set of Fog-X shields.